About Us

Lake Placid News Article–Digital Abraham takes on two history projects

Digital Abraham, a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, is about historical preservation whether it be the Town of North Elba Cemetery, Village of Lake Placid, NY, Town of North Elba, NY or Digital Abraham’s new headquarters located at 4 Barkeater way. We want to preserve the rich history this town has to offer for many generations to come and for all the genealogical and history explorers in the world today.

Digital Abraham is a group of individuals who have many different interests and hobbies, but combined we are striving for the same goal, which is linking the historical past with the new digital era.

We plan to reach these goals by using our many skills in technology, genealogy, history, construction, photography and research just to name a few.  By engaging and recruiting fellow historians and interested individuals we will inspire research in local history and ancestry for contribution to our project and also invite the community to share and preserve their local family history and stories to bring our town’s history to life.

We are currently in the beginning stages of research and development with intentions of taking the data collected, adding local history and creating an enhanced online exploration and sharing experience.

Future plans are to incorporate a wiki style page for interested individuals to contribute family stories and pictures.

We are excited to begin this new chapter for 4 Barkeater Way and have plans to create an interactive research facility for the community to use for genealogical and historical research and space for Digital Abraham to grow and expand.

We have started restoration and renovation, which includes the building and surrounding property. As we do rehabilitation of the building we are implementing best quality and LEEDS sustainable practices.